Love You + Yours

Valentine's Day is for more than just couples- it's about loving yourself and all those who are important to you. This year, my goal is to give you photos that show the importance of your love. No ingenuine smiles and matching clothes here. I'm opening just a few specialty portrait sessions documenting your love in  fantasy-style portrait shoots of your daily life. 

I'll bring you more than the usual 30-60 minute session in matching outfits. This session will be about YOU and how you see your love for yourself and those around you.

Every year we celebrate a holiday that exists solely because of love, and as a documentarian and photographer I feel it's my duty to offer photographs of the natural and fantastic emotions we feel for ourselves or for each other every day. This February, I'm dedicated to capturing what love means to YOU in your fantasy. Take a look at the gallery and click the contact tab to schedule a session this year.

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For those interested in boudoir sessions:

Are you looking for boudoir shots that will show off the love you have for your body? Maybe you will shoot them as a gift for a significant other or simply to show yourself how comfortable you are with  your own body. This is about you and how you see yourself- and it's going to be dreamy! The shoot will give you a new experience and a set of 20-30 stunning images, and it will be focused entirely on your comfort, confidence, and natural beauty.  Let's hang out in our underwear for a few hours and capture you in your most confident, natural, and beautiful form.

For those interested in couples sessions:

Photographs are worth the feelings they capture and communicate to you. It's my job to capture your love and show YOUR feelings in images. Almost every couple starts out shy in front of the camera, but it's the mission of this project to get you out of your comfort zone, forgetting there is even a camera in front of you! You will forget I'm in the room and for just a few hours, you'll get the chance to think and enjoy each other alone. We can shoot in your bedroom, kitchen, backyard, favorite coffee shop- wherever you feel the most naturally in-love. I'll be there to capture the natural love and to represent it in 20-30 photos that express your fantasy and emotions.

For those interested in kids or paternity/maternity sessions:

Your families and children are a physical manifestation of your dream. As your family grows, it's my job to capture the spurs of the moment, the daily-life memories you don't want to lose, as life changes rapidly. The love of a family is sometimes undervalued on a day like Valentine's Day, but it's one of the clearest manifestations of love, and I feel it's my duty as a photographer to provide an outlet for you to express it this day and everyday. I'll spend a few hours in your home, at your kids' favorite toy store, at the nursing home with you and your father, or even with your belly + unborn baby to capture emotional and realistic photographs of the memories you'll want to keep forever.

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